How Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) May Improve Performance for Athletes and Bodybuilders.

How Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) May Improve Performance for Athletes and Bodybuilders.


Introduction to Chlorella:

A single-celled, nutrient-rich green freshwater algae called chlorella has been shown to improve human health in multiple ways. It is regarded as a superfood and one of several foods with the highest nutrient density on the planet (Safi et al., 2014). Omega 3, 6, and 9 polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins make up its complex and distinctive composition (Panahi et al., 2016). It is among the oldest food sources still in use and is becoming more and more well-liked as a wholesome health food supplement that may be found in powder or tablet form. Because it contains practically all of the elements required to maintain life, including vitamin D and B12, which are typically absent from plant foods, chlorella is a natural multivitamin (Bito et al., 2020).

Vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, K, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, selenium, and phosphorus are all abundant in it, as well as the pepsin enzyme and Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. More than 80% of the proteins are digestible, and it contains all the necessary amino acids. Additionally, it contains more beta-carotene than carrots, higher chlorophyll than that of wheat grass, as well as up to 40% of the daily RDI intake of iron (Silva, 2019).

Chlorella Growth Factor:

A special nutritional combination called Chlorella Growth Factor can be identified in the nucleus of chlorella. As a result of photosynthesis, chlorella cells rapidly divide into four new cells every 20 hours. In humans, this rapid rate of CGF development promotes the repair of injured cells and reduces the ageing process. The Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is really what allows Chlorella to expand so quickly. Chlorella's DNA is designed for maximum survival and reproduction (Ng et al., 2020). Only Chlorella, a green single-celled micro-algae belonging to the vegetable kingdom, has CGF. RNA, DNA, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals fundamentally make up CGF. It is rich in nucleic acids, peptides, water-soluble vitamins, and minerals and is well known for its ability to promote growth and to heal (Bito et al., 2020).

Many scholars and academics have identified that CGF, a water-soluble extract from chlorella, stimulates the reproduction of animals and microorganisms. CGF comprises sulphur, glycoprotein, nucleic acid-polysaccharides, nucleotide-peptides, and other nutrients that are essential for the body's growth, immunity, and other health advantages. Numerous scientists, academics, and doctors continue to study its scientific and distinctive component structure, which is drawing attention from a wide audience worldwide. It possesses strong antioxidant effects in its nucleotide-peptide (Rani et al., 2018).


Mechanism of Action:

It's significant to know the fundamentals of how strength training as well as weight lifting work together to generate muscle in order to comprehend why this is significant for bodybuilders as well as athletes who wish to gain strength and muscle (Queiroz et al., 2016). The muscle fibre tissue is harmed when you lift big objects or undertake strength training (on purpose). The term for this is muscular hypertrophy. The damaged fibres are then fused by the body to make them whole again. The muscles' size and mass are increased as a result. This is another reason why you shouldn't work out the same muscle twice in a row or too frequently in a single week. However, if your body is capable of repairing the muscle more quickly, you will recover more quickly and be able to train the same muscles more frequently and fiercely. This is a significant advantage for gaining more muscle and strength (Zainul Azlan et al., 2019).

CGF contains a lot of RNA and DNA. Why is this crucial? RNA and DNA control cellular regeneration, growth, and regeneration in the human body. Nevertheless, by the age of twenty, our nucleic acid content start to decline, which can result in accelerated ageing, diminished resistance to viruses and disease, and other health problems. Chlorella can improve the function of T-cells and B-cells, which protect humans from viruses and sickness, because of its superior RNA/DNA content (Zainul Azlan et al., 2020) (Serra et al., 2020).


Reasons to Include Chlorella Growth Factor for Improvement In Athletic Performance

Regular exercise has countless advantages, including helping you gain muscle and lose fat.  To ensure that we receive these benefits, whatever we eat is also an important consideration. We need the proper nourishment to power our workout in order to maintain our energy for training, support your metabolism, and keep us motivated. That implies a lot of vitamins and minerals, lean protein, as well as healthy fats.

A number of these nutrients can be detected in Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), while many of them can also be obtained from a wide range of foods.

Pre-Workout Support to Respiration:

Exercise and respiration may be supported before working out. If you become tired easily while exercising, it can be difficult. According to a modest preliminary study, regular Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) consumption may increase one's ability to perform aerobic activity. Results from a placebo-controlled, double-blind trial showed that adding chlorella to a diet increased athletes' aerobic fitness and oxygen uptake (Govahi et al., 2019).

One double-blind trial found that taking chlorella dramatically increased the maximal oxygen intake of 6 young boys without a history of consistent exercise routines (Sanayei et al., 2021). A different group of guys who received a placebo was compared to the chlorella group. A three-week schedule of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) was given to both groups. All the males in the trial benefited from exercise, however compared to the placebo group, the chlorella group participants significantly increased their anaerobic and aerobic exercise capacity (Sanayei et al., 2022).


A Nutrient Power Pack for Athletes:

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is a compact supplement that offers high-quality nourishment for athletic performance. Of course, you can obtain the majority of these nutrients from different sources as well. However, the chlorella growth factor is something that is exclusive to this product (CGF). This algae is capable of astoundingly rapid multiplication thanks to a nucleotide-peptide combination of nucleic acids. CGF can enhance muscle recovery and tissue repair when consumed by promoting cellular regeneration and repair. It might even increase stamina (Panahi et al., 2016).


After Exercise Replenish Your Tank:

After working out, eat something to help your body refuel with the nutrients that has been utilized. There's a significant probability that regular Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) consumption can make up for dietary gaps if your diet periodically fails to provide you with a necessary vitamin or mineral.

Vitamins A (beta carotene), C, E, and K are all present in Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), along with minerals like zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, potassium, iron, calcium, selenium, and the enzyme pepsin. It also contains all the B-complex vitamins, particularly B12 (Suter, 2011). In addition, chlorella has all nine necessary amino acids and 58 to 70 percent of bioavailable protein. CGF is among the few foods with vitamin D naturally present in it. (Queiroz et al., 2016).



Supports Muscle Health:

Everyone is aware that protein is crucial for the structure and growth of muscles. However, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) also provides a nutrient called B12, which some individuals, particularly vegetarians and vegans find difficult to obtain enough of. Your muscles won't be able to recuperate from demanding activities if your B12 level is low. Additionally, the metabolism of protein and fat—two essential components for constructing muscle tissue—requires vitamin B12 (Bito et al., 2016).

Our B12 levels may be harmed by growing older and a plant based diet. Fortunately, chlorella is among the few plant sources of active B12, a highly absorbable form of vitamin B12 that gives you the strength and endurance required for an effective workout.



Act as Purifier:

Maintaining a healthy body requires effort on both sides. We really have to remove the bad in addition to bringing in the good (unwanted materials in your gut). By providing nourishment to your body's elimination organs, chlorella can contribute in self-cleansing.

The plant chlorella has many uses. Without endangering the liver, it binds to heavy metals as well as other toxins and flushes them out. Chlorella is being employed to treat lead, mercury, and cadmium poisoning in Japan. It is efficient against several PCB-based (polychlorobiphenyl) insecticides, as per American experiments (Kurade et al., 2016).



Chlorella's ability to encapsulate even the most resistive contaminants in our bodies, such as cadmium, lead, mercury, as well as uranium, is one of its most important health advantages. The fact that it not only safely removes all of these harmful toxins from the body but also stops them from being reabsorbed is even more significant. Safely removing all types of pollutants is essential in our toxic world to maximise health and healing. We may safely and successfully detoxify the dangerous heavy metals and the other toxins we are exposed to every day by taking chlorella every day (Kim et al., 2009).

According to one study, regularly consuming chlorella lowers the risk of bloodstream heavy metal intoxication. Additionally, it contributes in lowering the chance of bone and muscle damage brought on by high levels of cadmium inside the body. Chlorella is an excellent option to counteract heavy metal poisoning, to lessen tissue damage by decreasing cadmium absorption, in accordance with the study's findings.

Chlorella supplements have showed promise in reducing some of the negative side effects of radiation therapy just on body and even in supporting in the removal of radioactive particles. However, chlorella's capacity to really shield against radiation may be more astounding than its capacity to chelate and wash out radioactive poisons (de Melo et al., 2019) (Queiroz et al., 2016).



Normalise Blood Sugar:

Chlorella's ability to stabilise diabetes and to normalise blood sugar in times of hypoglycemia is another benefit for athletes. It accomplishes this by sustaining and maintaining pancreatic functioning (Lee and Kim, 2009).



Help With Weight Loss:

Additionally, studies have shown that chlorella may help with weight loss. Chlorella is a whole food that includes 60% protein, which means it can satisfy hunger while also enhancing energy levels. When Chlorella is added to the diet, many people discover that they are better able to control the urge to snack, which often undermines weight loss plans (Sherafati et al., 2022).


Promote Healthy Immune System:

The immune system is supported and strengthened by the abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other elements found in chlorella.

Particularly during the colder months during which you are more prone to catch an infection from circulating bacteria as well as viruses, reduced immunity can leave the door open for dangerous diseases and infections (Kang et al., 2013).

Chlorella can be consumed as part of a healthy diet to strengthen your immune system. One of the main causes of this beneficial effect, aiding your body's defence against invaders, has been linked to particular molecules known as beta-glucans (Priyadharshini et al., 2021) (Zielinska and Hamulka, 2019).


Support for Overall Health:

Thanks to the strength of chlorophyll, chemicals found in chlorella have been demonstrated to offer several advantages, including strengthening your immune system. You're less likely to skip your practice if your immune system is strong.

T cells are stimulated by CGF to fight cancer and viruses, B cells to fight bacteria, and macrophages to fight toxins, tumours, and foreign proteins (Kang et al., 2013). Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) release, macrophages, fibroblast activity, and interferon production are all stimulated by CGF. It prolongs mice's lives by over 30%, increases the functioning of natural killer (NK) cells, and delays the ageing process.


Repair and Recovery:

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) was first identified in Japan in the 1950s, could also be very helpful to Olympians. Considering CGF is a rich provider of the nucleic acids both RNA and DNA, experts think it speeds up human cellular regeneration and contributes in the healing of injured tissue. Ideal amounts of RNA and DNA may also help the body utilise nutrients more efficiently, which speeds up cell and tissue repair. Having optimal quantities of RNA and DNA is believed to help protect important cell functions (Machmud et al., 2020) (de Melo et al., 2019).


Conclusion: In other words, CGF is something that every athlete and sportsperson requires throughout or after a demanding competition schedule. Whether you're an Olympian, a professional athlete, or an enthusiastic amateur, start taking Chlorella if you want to have more energy, perform better, and recover faster.


BioGenesis Chlorella is organically grown in the pristine Great Barrier Reef region of northern Australia. Bathed in golden sunshine the Chlorella thrive in the fresh spring water ponds. We have developed an innovative advanced energy efficient hydrodynamic growth system that replicates a natural river flow. When harvested we apply an advanced biodynamic technology to gently crack the hard outer cell wall making the nutrients fully available.

Australia’s only Licenced Chlorella grower. No.9298. Produced in a USA FDA accredited Bio Secure site.








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