Always Feeling Hungry? Try These 6 Tips!

Always Feeling Hungry? Try These 6 Tips!
Well, you may be able to reduce your appetite by increasing the hormone "Lepin".⁠

It is produced in the fat stores of your body and signals your brain when you're full, triggering you to stop eating.⁠

Some strategies that may improve your leptin levels include:⁠
1. Strategic overfeeding. This includes a day where for a short period of time that you eat more than you normally do.⁠
2. Avoid high consumption of omega-3.⁠
3. Include dairy in your diet.⁠
4. Increase your Zinc consumption by adding 2 teaspoons of Biogenesis Natural Chlorella Powder.⁠
5. Don’t over train.⁠
6. Get around 8 hours sleep- less than 8 hours can lower leptin by up to 20%.⁠

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