How much protein do you really need?

How much protein do you really need?
A study has found that protein should make up around 25% - 35% of our daily calories. The best timeframe for consuming protein should be spread out evenly throughout the day, making sure to start with breakfast. ⁠

Also, the study suggests that a more evenly consumption of proteins can help prevent gains in body fat 😍 ⁠

If you are struggling with your protein intake, try adding Biogenesis Hyper protein to your diet! It is rich in natural vegan protein and contains vital branch chain amino acids (BCAAs). Also, it has naturally occurring Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) which promotes rapid building, repair and recovery of body and muscle tissue. ⁠

My favourite is the strawberries and cream flavour 🍓⁠

Mohr, C. (2016). Tapping the Power of Protein. IDEA Fitness Journal, 13(1).

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