Can Chlorella Protect Your Liver Health?

Can Chlorella Protect Your Liver Health?

The liver is the largest, and one of the most important organs in the body. It's responsible for filtering and storing blood, bile formation, production of certain hormones and it also plays a key role in metabolism and detoxification. Because of these essential roles, good liver health is necessary for an overall healthy body. Liver health can deteriorate when overloaded with dietary and environmental toxins, insufficient nutrition, alcohol, and even some drugs and medications (Al-Dayyat 20181). Unfortunately, liver damage is easy to progress unnoticed in many individuals until it develops into a severe and debilitating condition (Newton 20102). This is why preventative care that preserves liver function should be emphasized for anyone wanting to live a long healthy life.


Preventative liver care includes lifestyle factors like a healthy diet and physical activity, as well as reducing the toxic load the liver is exposed to (Al-Dayyat 20181). It's also possible to use foods or substances that assist the liver with detoxification. An excellent example of this is chlorella (Bukhari 20183). Chlorella is also able to support liver health in many additional ways which all together provide a comprehensive protective effect. To understand how chlorella protects the liver, it's first important to understand how the progression of liver damage occurs.


There are a range of serious diseases and conditions that affect the liver. Some of the most common ones are non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cancer. Though different liver diseases often have different causes and disease progression, inflammation plays an important factor contributing to nearly all of them (Li 20164). 


One origin of liver disease comes from insulin resistance (Utzschneider 20065). Insulin is a hormone that allows glucose to enter cells and be used as energy. When insulin receptors on cells don't function properly, glucose accumulates while insulin levels continue to rise in a fruitless effort to get the glucose inside of the cells. When this occurs in the liver it leads to a heightened production of fat tissue, which eventually leads to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (Dongiovanni 20176). This is a dangerous condition because it can cause scarring of liver tissue called cirrhosis, which leads to permanent damage and loss of function (Wong 20107). Beyond this, fatty liver disease is associated with a group of other dangerous conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease (Gehrke 20208). Chlorella has the ability to address this chain of illness at the source by improving insulin sensitivity (Chiu 20119). Additionally, chlorella has been shown to be able to lower liver lipids level and fight against the development of fatty liver disease (Ebrahimi-mameghani 201410).




Another common and potentially deadly liver disease is liver cancer. Chronic inflammation is a major risk factor for cancer progression, which can come about in multiple ways (Li 20164). The presence of fatty liver disease is a highly inflammatory condition that can be related to cancer development in many instances (White 201211). Other sources of inflammation can arise from the detoxifying role the liver plays. Since any harmful toxins consumed through the digestive tract are sent to the liver, the liver can become overwhelmed when overloaded or subjected to substances that it cannot properly process. This can include alcohol, as well as toxins present in food or medicine contaminants like heavy metals (Mahurpawar 201512). Chlorella offers a solution to these issues with its natural detoxifying abilities that can remove many harmful substances and decrease the stress and inflammation on the liver. Chlorella also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which can assist with mitigating some of the damage inflammation can incur (Guzman 200313).


With all of the above facts considered, it's clear that chlorella is a well rounded solution to supporting good liver health and protecting the body from insidious liver illnesses. By addressing these concerns early and taking a preventative approach, liver health can be optimized and protected for many years to come.


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