Chlorella May Assist Detox From Radionuclides, Heavy Metals And Toxin Exposure In Everyday Life

Chlorella May Assist Detox From Radionuclides, Heavy Metals And Toxin Exposure In Everyday Life

Daily life is surrounded with an astounding number of toxins that can be harmful to human health. While this may sound frightening, the risks can be lessened with adequate knowledge and action. The body does have naturally occurring detox pathways which can remove dangerous environmental toxins from the body to some extent (Arun, 20211). The most essential organs involved in natural detoxification are the liver, gut, skin and kidneys (Kieffer, 20162). Ideally, the detox pathways of the body are able to excrete toxins through sweat, urine, and feces, but this isn't always the case. Issues arise when the dose of environmental toxins exceed the capacity of the body's ability to remove them. Certain substances are also known to be difficult to excrete which can cause them to bioaccumulate (Genius, 20113). The longer toxins stay in the body, the more harm they can do. Many toxins take months, years, or even decades before they're excreted (Chisolm, 19744). This is one of the most pressing reasons to increase general awareness and solutions for combating the effects of toxins.


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Environmental toxicity is a broad problem with many potential solutions. These solutions depend on the toxin at hand, but can involve inhibition of toxin absorption in the digestive tract, dilution of the toxin by consumption of other substances, or using binding or chelating substances with the toxins to assist with their excretion (Jaishancar, 20145). The fresh-water single cell algae species chlorella is one major substance that has been examined for these purposes. It's been shown to have effective results at both reducing absorption of harmful substances and increasing their removal (Yadav, 20226). Two noteworthy toxins that chlorella has been shown to mitigate the harmful effects of are heavy metals and radionuclides.


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Heavy Metal Toxicity


Heavy metal toxicity is more commonly discussed than radionuclides and can come from a greater variety of sources. Heavy metals can be present in medications, dental care, water pipes, home and personal care products, pesticide remnants on food, and other sources (Tchounwou, 20127). There are a number of steps individuals can take to reduce their exposure to heavy metals by finding heavy-metal free product alternatives, but complete avoidance is near impossible. When heavy metals are ingested, the body is able to excrete them to some degree, but the higher the toxic load is on the body, the less effective its detox pathways are (Hyman, 20068). This means that chronic exposure to heavy metals can overload the capabilities of natural detoxification and cause the body to increasingly struggle to remove the harmful substances. This can create a heavy metal toxic buildup with increasingly severe health consequences (Engwa, 20199).


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Different toxins have unique effects on the body so it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what harms they cause. Overall, they tend to impact enzymatic processes which can intervene with a number of essential bodily functions (Upadhyay, 201210). Certain heavy metals are known to be carcinogenic, and some can cause kidney dysfunction, nervous system disorders, birth defects, gastrointestinal pain, or impaired immunity (Balali-Mood, 202111). When an individual's toxic exposure consists of multiple heavy metals, the corresponding health issues can be exponentially worse and unpredictable. The most common heavy metals that cause harm to human health are mercury, lead, chromium, arsenic, and cadmium, but this is not an exhaustive list (Balali-Mood, 202111).


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The solution to combating heavy metal toxicity involves several steps. Firstly, reducing exposure to heavy metal is essential in order to relieve some of the stress on the body's detox organs. This may involve lifestyle changes such as changing home and personal care products and using filtered water instead of tap. Beyond reducing exposure, it's important to support the health of the detoxifying organs so that they can properly process the toxins already in the body and better respond to future toxin ingestion. Bringing the liver, kidneys, skin and gut into optimal health could possibly involve several lifestyle changes including diet, sleep habit, and exercise, depending on individual circumstances (Pastore, 200312). Finally, there are substances and treatments available that help to remove heavy metals from the body. Chlorella is able to help with several of these multifaceted aspects of heavy metal detoxing (Yadav, 202113).


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How Chlorella Can Help With Heavy Metal Detoxification


Chlorella can holistically support overall health in several ways. Chlorella has been shown to improve gut health, protect liver function, and contribute to properly functioning kidneys (Yarmohammadi, 202114). These vital organs all play a role in improving the capacity of the body's natural detox pathways. It's also worth considering the fact that the body is a complex system with several different systems within it. If there is a weakness in one area, the effects are rarely just local. Problems in the body often cascade and cause other issues since the systems are reliant on one another. By supporting the health of several bodily systems, chlorella is able to combat the harms done from heavy metals by bringing balance to the overall health and wellbeing of the body.


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In addition to providing overall nourishment to the body, chlorella can also specifically help with detoxification through its chelating properties (Kaplan, 198715). Chlorella contains several different functional groups that bind to reactive heavy metals which draws them out of the body when the chlorella is excreted. Chlorella can inhibit the absorption of heavy metals in the intestine and also help to remove them from the body (Yadav, 202113). A final but useful aspect of chlorella is that it is also able to make other medications and treatments more effective in detoxifying the body. Specifically, chlorella is able to help aluminum silicate - a common medication in decorporating therapy - absorb heavy metals within the body so they can be excreted (Dakroury, 202016).


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Radionuclide Toxicity


Radionuclide toxicity is a complex but similarly concerning problem. Radionuclides are harmful substances that are present in the atmosphere, on the earth and in the ocean (Choudhury, 202217). Because of their omnipresence, at least some exposure is clearly unavoidable. Radionuclides are naturally occurring from both the earth's crust and from cosmic radiation, but they can also be given off in concerning amounts from human activities. This can include nearby nuclear power plants that emit the toxins, (Kazuma16) ) some mining activities, the aftermath of nuclear accidents, and certain military actions ((Choudhury, 202217). With all of these sources considered, it's reasonable for anyone to be mindful of the effects these nuclide toxins can have on the body. It's especially important for those with high exposure to pay attention to ways they can assist their body in detoxing.


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How Chlorella Can Help With Radionuclide Detoxification


The ways to support detoxification from radionuclides are similar to protocols for heavy metal toxicity. The main difference is that avoiding contact with nuclides is more difficult than avoiding heavy metal exposure. Radionuclide detoxification then relies more heavily on supporting natural and assisted detox methods. Chlorella is able to help with both of these aspects. Chlorella studies have shown the algae to be able to help remove radioactive Strontium, Caesium, and Cobalt from the body (Ogawa, 201618). It can also support general health in ways that at least partially combat the negative effects of radionuclide exposure.


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As of yet, the concerns of several prominent environmental toxins are not commonly discussed despite the growing evidence of their dangers. In years to come as more research emerges highlighting their harmful effects, it's likely that many health care providers will begin to pay more attention to this currently niche concern. Chlorella serves as an excellent solution to assist with both physically removing toxins, and helping support the body's innate detox pathways. This contributes to good overall health in a number of ways, and is just one more reason why the unique algae species chlorella can play an important role for total health improvement and maintenance.


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