How Chlorella Can Help With Detoxification

How Chlorella Can Help With Detoxification

Exposure to toxins is an inevitable part of life. There are toxins present in many foods, hygiene and beauty products, household materials, water, and even in the atmosphere (Crinnion 20001). While this may seem disheartening, there are many ways of minimizing exposure to, as well as assisting the body with removing many common toxins. As is often stated, the dose indeed makes the poison, but the primary concern with certain toxins is how pervasive they are. Long-term low-dose exposure may still have ill health effects, particularly with substances that accumulate in the body (Crinnion 20001). One option for addressing these concerns is consuming chlorella. Chlorella is an algae with an impressive number of health benefits, including the ability to remove several different common toxins from the body.


BPA is one example of these rampant everyday toxins. BPA is a chemical often used in plastics, most concerningly in food packaging and containers. When in contact with food or liquids for an extended period of time, it leaches out into the food (Ma 20192). This process is accelerated when heated or exposed to acidic substances. This means something as simple as tomato sauce in a BPA lined can could contain undesirable levels of the toxin, or food heated in certain plastic containers. The health effects that can arise from extensive BPA exposure can negatively impact fertility, and have links to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease (Ma 20192). This concern can be addressed by very cautious selection of household foods, substances, and products, though this would be an involved and time-consuming task. An additional option with promising results from combating the effects of BPA is chlorella consumption. Studies have shown that chlorella is able to biodegrade BPA and reduce its harmful impacts (Hirooka 20053). This may be a helpful strategy to complement the perhaps impossible goal of completely removing exposure.


Another form of toxins individuals frequently encounter in everyday activities are dioxins. Dioxins are environmental toxins that are most often byproducts from industrial combustion practices (Schecter 20054). One particular danger of dioxins is that they accumulate in the food chain. This means that foods higher up on the food chain like dairy and meat tend to have higher levels (Charnley 20055). They can also accumulate in the human body when consumed by being absorbed and stored by fat tissue (Roeder 19986). The health concerns associated with high levels of dioxins include cancer, heart disease, immunity issues, reproductive issues and diabetes (Schecter 20054). Once again, exposure could be reduced by either choosing organic food products, reducing animal products, or a combination of efforts, though even with this approach, exposure cannot be completely avoided. Chlorella has repeatedly been shown to be able to reduce dioxin absorption in mammals, as well as improve its excretion (Morita 20017, Morita 19998). These impressive effects are a much-needed solution for those concerned with dioxin exposure.


Chlorella continues to show impressive results in assisting the body with detoxifying from a number of harmful substances. Since there is more research being carried out in this area, it's not unfair to assume that there may be even more benefits not yet known. (Nakano 2007 9)

The pattern of detoxifying multiple toxins is a rare and valuable feature from a single plant. The health benefits from the nutrient-packed algae are innumerable and represent a promising method for combating the harmful effects of unavoidable toxin exposure.(Merino 2019 10)  (yadav 2021)(Nagyayama 2015)


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