How Chlorella May Improve Aerobic Endurance

How Chlorella May Improve Aerobic Endurance

Aerobic endurance is an important measure of overall health. It's commonly thought of as something athletes pay more attention to than the average person, but aerobic endurance is something everyone should consider attending to if they want to live a long, healthy life. What aerobic or cardiovascular endurance measures is the ability of the heart and lungs to transport oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. This is one of the most basic bodily functions needed for survival. Good aerobic endurance has an outpouring of positive health effects that not only improve long-term health, but also have an impact on daily life. While aerobic endurance is technically a measure of athleticism, it affects non-athletes alike since daily life also requires physicality. The greater an individual's capabilities are in this area, the more effortless everyday physical tasks will be.


Optimizing aerobic endurance is most directly accomplished from aerobic training, though foods, medications, supplements, and other lifestyle factors can also play an important role (Punakallio 20211). They can be either a helpful addition to an aerobic health strategy, or a huge hindrance to achieving cardiovascular health. One food of interest for improving aerobic capacity is chlorella. Chlorella is a single-celled algae with several effects that positively influence aerobic health.


One way chlorella is able to help with aerobic endurance is by reducing blood pressure (Sansawa 20062). Blood needs to flow quickly and easily through arteries and veins to deliver oxygen to tissues and remove carbon dioxide efficiently. Unfortunately, this aerobic process can be obstructed by plaque buildup in the circulatory network, increasing blood pressure and requiring the heart to work much harder to achieve adequate levels of respiration (Bernal-Mizrachi 20053). Elevated blood pressure from plaque buildup therefore reduces aerobic capacity and hinders athletic performance since the heart is working less effectively (Mazic 20144). Chlorella addresses the root of this problem by inhibiting the absorption cholesterol in the gut: the precursors of plaque (Shibata 20075).


An important way chlorella is able to help with aerobic endurance is by improving oxygen uptake (Zempo-Miyaki 20176). Oxygen uptake is the amount of oxygen an individual consumes during a bout of physical activity. Higher levels of oxygen uptake are naturally associated with better aerobic endurance since it is one of the key steps of respiration.


Another way chlorella is able to improve aerobic endurance is somewhat more nuanced and less well understood. It has to due to a unique substance the algae contains called: chlorella growth factor. Chlorella growth factor is a nutrient complex that contains vitamins, nucleotides, natural sugars, and amino acids that allows the algae cells to rapidly grow and multiply (Byoung-Ki 20167). In particular, chlorella growth factor has the ability to increase mitochondrial biogenesis, which is the creation of more mitochondria organelles within a cell (Sanayei 20218). This has important implications for aerobic capacity, because mitochondria are largely responsible for producing energy from oxygen (Bertram 20069). They convert it into a readily usable form of packaged energy called ATP. This important benefit of chlorella therefore increases the ability of the body to efficiently utilize the oxygen it breathes in during aerobic respiration and can improve aerobic endurance.


With these various impacts of chlorella in mind, it seems to be a highly beneficial natural whole food supplement for improving aerobic endurance and increasing overall physical health.



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