Vegan Ice cream

Vegan Ice cream
Vegan Ice cream 💚⁠

1 cup of Cashews (soaked in water overnight). ⁠
1 cup White Granulated Sugar⁠
1 cup Coconut Milk.⁠
1-2 tsps of Biogenesis Natural Chlorella Powder⁠.⁠
1 and ¼ cup of Water.⁠
¾ cup Cacao Butter.⁠
¼ cup Coconut Oil.⁠
2 tsps of Salt.⁠
3 tsp of Vanilla Extract.⁠

1. Get soaked Cashews and put them into a blender, whilst blending at about 1 cup of water until milk-like liquid.⁠
2. Add sugar and butter to the saucepan on low heat and melt, whilst adding ¼ cup of water.⁠
3. Then add all the ingredients into a blender and blend all ingredients together.⁠
4. Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and follow the instructions.

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