Interview with Dr Shellman

by Colin McGregor

What Women Must Know – The Health Benefits of Chlorella with Colin McGregor

Colin McGregor has over 27 years experience managing and directing projects and operations in a variety of industries. His background is engineering and project management, working over 15 years in a number of roles at Qantas Airways limited including aviation biofuel. He has also held the roles of Director in the Australian Department of Defense plus Chief Operating Officer for a high technology manufacturing firm. Colin is a certified Master Project Director and directed the winning project for the Australian Institute of Project Management Achievement Awards at both the State and National levels. He founded Biogenesis as he is a true believer in the health benefits of algae as a natural heath supplement and that algae will play a much larger role in the food and protein source future of the planet. Mr McGregor is one of Australia’s most experienced commercial algae growers and has commercialized algae growth systems for a number of Australian companies.

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