Total Health Magazine Feature- Sun-Grown Chlorella For Nourishing, Healing and Cleansing the Body

by Colin McGregor

Nature has given us a profound gift for our health. It is found in an amazing, very small one-cell green algae, called Chlorella.  This unique form of algae has been a source of incredible nutrition for humans as well as animals.  What makes chlorella even more special is its ability to detox the myriad of chemical and heavy metals found in our environment and bodies. Chlorella has an amazing ability to safely remove all forms of toxicity from our body.

The story of chlorella goes back a long, long time.  It is estimated that it appeared on earth two billion years ago. Chlorella belongs to the first unicellular organisms from this time. This microscopic green algae is a true survivor!

How has this simple plant managed to survive all these billions of years? Equipped with an especially strong multi-layer cell wall, Chlorella has protected itself against life threatening environmental conditions and has consequently developed an extremely efficient behaviour pattern. Drought, radiation, highly concentrated poisons such as heavy metals, pesticides and other organic solvents have not managed to drive Chlorella to extinction. On the contrary, it has constantly developed new survival strategies allowing it to thrive.

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