BioGenesis has a new look !

by Yolande Boulac

You may have noticed, our website has a brand new, fresh look!

Over the last four weeks our team have been busy bees, working hard to revamp the user experience and user interface design of our website.

The purpose of this is to provide you with a seamless online experience, supporting you through every step and ensuring you are getting everything that you need from us.

We thought we might share with you our thought process, and bring you in on the action that has been happening behind the scenes. 


You will notice a few differences across the website:

1. A new overall look and feel

We want our brand to be memorable and for you to recognise us from a mile away! We reviewed our brand colours and applied them consistently across the site, telling the story of our product and how it benefits YOU, through visual graphics that are unique to BioGenesis. 

2. A new homepage

We divided the structure of the new homepage into 3 types of content: product, story, content. This enables us to provide you with a logical flow of content, balancing key points of information to educate you on the health and nutritional benefits of our products range, with opportunities to browse our products directly.

You will notice a much greater variety of products on the homepage. We recently launched the all new Travel Sachet range, as well as the Kids Mixed Berries Chewables, and this our way to ensure you don't miss out on the hot new releases!

3. New categorisation and shopping experience

We re-categorised our products by main ingredient/superfood. You can now browse by ingredient, and from there, browse by product type (tablet/powder).

We added a filtering feature: you can now filter your searches directly by price, ingredient, product type, flavour and size.

The Mixed Berry flavour is now its own category! For all you berry lovers, you can now directly browse our exclusive mixed berry range and make your superfood selection from there.

Tablet or powder? You can now directly browse our entire selection of superfoods based off your product type preference.

4. Get to know us more

Curious about the company and our purpose and mission? Head to "Our story" and learn more about why we are here and what we are working towards. Bonus: we even give you a run down of how our Chlorella is grown and produced!


This redesign is the first phase of an on-going process of continuous improvement of your online experience with BioGenesis. Our commitment to you is to consistently ensure your time spent with us is so seamless and satisfying that you cannot wait to try our products, notice the significant improvements in your day to day life, and tell your friends aaaall about us ! ;)


And of course... don't hesitate to leave us a review! We would be extremely appreciative!