Clean and Pure Health Products: BioGenesis Leads the Way

by Colin McGregor

At BioGenesis, we’re committed to producing the highest quality Australian health products available on the market. How do we do that? By ensuring we grow and harvest our produce in the strictest conditions. From farmgate to you, here’s how we make sure our Chlorella is as clean and pure as possible:

We grow our Chlorella in a pristine environment


Biogenesis grows Chlorella in pristine environment


Our farm is situated in coastal farmland in Northern Queensland, bordered by the Great Barrier Reef in the east and rainforest to the west. This means our Chlorella enjoys clean air and filtered freshwater. The results can be seen in our Chlorella’s beautiful deep green colour and fresh aroma: a pure reflection of the environment in which it’s grown.
Samples are taken daily and at each harvest to ensure the absence of toxins and to ensure we continue to deliver the highest quality produce possible.

We have full control over our production and supply chain


Biogenesis owns and control its supply chain


With a full food manufacturer’s licence, we own and control our entire supply chain – from growing and harvesting, to drying, packing and shipping. This allows us to maintain the highest quality control at every stage of the process. Each step is completed right here in Australia and our ‘Australian Made, Australian Grown’ license is something we’re very proud of.

We’re algae experts


Biogenesis is your algae expert


The BioGenesis team is made up of experts in the fields of phycology (algae growing), horticulture and nutrition. And we know how to get the most out of this amazing superfood. To ensure Chlorella is readily digestible, we developed an innovative process called ‘BioDynamic Cracking’ which breaks the cell wall of each Chlorella to ensure all the nutrients can be easily absorbed by the body.
Other producers mechanically pulverise or grind the Chlorella leaving the internal nutrients susceptible to oxidisation and nutritional degradation. Or they don’t crack the cell wall at all – lessening the ability for the nutrients to be absorbed.

Our product is free of additives


Biogenesis products are additive free


Our Chlorella powder and Chlorella tablets are made without any additives, preservatives, fillers or bulking agents and are gluten and lactose free.
We also use the highest quality, FDA-approved natural cotton wool to protect the tablets and provide a natural moisture absorbent that’s 100% biodegradable and planet friendly. Other manufacturers use non-natural moisture absorbents such as silicone and desiccants or man-made fibres such as rayon or polyester.
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