Guide: 5 Ways To Reduce Stress

by Colin McGregor
With the holiday season approaching, it’s never been a better time to focus on methods of reducing stress. ⁠

Below are some that we suggest:⁠

1. Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation⁠
This involves relaxing all the muscles in your body, group by group. With practice, you'll learn to recognize tension and tightness in your muscles and you'll be able to relax more easily.⁠

2. Eat A Balanced Diet⁠
A poor diet can bring greater reactivity toward stress. Consuming a healthy diet can help you combat stress over the long haul. Make sure you utilise SuperFood products like Chlorella, I use BioGenesis Super Greens.⁠

3. Focus On Your Breathing⁠
Just focusing on your breath or changing the way you breathe can make a big difference to your overall stress level. Breathing techniques can calm your body and your brain in just a few minutes.⁠

4. Take a Walk⁠
Taking a walk allows you to enjoy a change of atmosphere, which can get you into a different frame of mind.⁠

5. Prioritize Exercise⁠
Physical activity is key to managing stress and improving mental health. So ensure you regularly get some form of exercise.⁠