6 Tips To Help Complete Your Goals

by Colin McGregor
1. Make it realistic: don’t set goals that are going to stress you out, make them relevant and realistic. For example small goals each day, week, month that you can achieve even when you are super busy.⁠

2. Make a goal that motivates you: your goal should be specific enough to motivate you but broad and stimulating enough for you to stay energized during the difficult points.⁠

3. Treat yourself: Create an incentive program to reward yourself as you hit milestones. Get a new training shirt, some new supplement and so on.⁠

4. Take a break: Feeling stuck and unmotivated? Step away from your goals for a day. Switching your mind to another topic allows your brain to rest and refuel.⁠

5. Stay confident: Even the best athletes experience self-doubt. Instead of giving in to the negative voice in your head, recognize it, accept it and make a plan to drown it out.⁠

6. Take baby steps: Major goals can be overwhelming. It’s easy to look 50 miles ahead and wonder how you’re going to get there. Break those miles down into micro goals and make them as small as you need. Sometimes you’ll be able to focus only on putting one foot in front of the other, and that’s OK.⁠