9 tips for new years resolutions goals!

by Colin McGregor
We're here prepping for our new years resolutions!⁠

Did you know that only around 8% of people achieve their New Years Resolution 😮⁠

Here are 9 tips to get you ready:⁠

1. Believe in yourself!⁠
2. Plan in advanced= Set goals- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.⁠
3. Use mental imagery- Meditation and positive reflection.⁠
4. Seek Help- Personal Trainer, Friends and Family support.⁠
5. Reward yourself- Associate rewards with goals eg buy a new workout t-shirt, try a new supplement (Biogenesis SuperGreens maybe?).⁠
6. Small weekly exchanges- eg exchange full sugar softdrink for water.⁠
7. Become competitive- plan a challenge with a friend eg “First one to lose 5kgs wins”.⁠
8. Start easy and slowly increase the difficulty. Eg 20 minutes exercise a day to 30 minutes and so on.⁠
9. Control your environment- Remove temptations, distractions and barriers.