High Intensity Full Body Workout

by Colin McGregor
Try the below workout, you can adjust the rep range if required.⁠

Warm Up– 10 x bodyweight squats, 10- push ups ⁠
Squat jump – 15 reps, 45 sec rest x 3 sets⁠
Push ups (on knees if required) – 10 reps, 45 sec rest x 3 sets⁠
Bear crawls – 30 meters, 45 sec rest x 3 sets⁠
Frog jumps – 30 meters, 45 sec rest x 3 sets⁠
Ab crunches – 10-20 reps, 45 seconds rest x 3 sets⁠

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Rani, K., Sandal, N., & Sahoo, P. K. (2018). A comprehensive review on chlorella-its composition, health benefits, market and regulatory scenario. The Pharma Innovation Journal, 7(7), 584-589.